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We’re experts in financing ADUs.  We offer a full portfolio of financing solutions to meet your specific goals and needs.  

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ADU Financing Specialist

Financing an ADU is foundational to create affordable housing and creating financial security.  We understand the complexities of construction and the unique characteristics of financing construction projects.  Let our team of experts navigate through the complexities of financing an ADU.  Our commitment and focus allow us to identify the financial solution that meets your financial goals.
We tailor your financing with the lowest cost, monthly payments and needs.
Home financing delivers the lowest overall terms and rates.  Here is our portfolio of solutions.

Meet Will Johnson

“Financing is the Foundation to building ADUs”. Will shares his passion and commitment to renovation financing since 2009. Will Johnson is a licensed mortgage loan officer specialized and committed to assist clients in creating financing to build ADUs and income properties. Will has a full portfolio of financing to meet the needs of every homeowner and home buyer.

Financing Solutions

Utilize up to 80% equity of your home to fund the ADU.  This offers a lower interest rate and terms available in construction

Gov’t backed financing home loan that will create a larger construction fund based on the future value of the property.

Allows to finance new construction. Available as single & two-phase financing.

Allows funding for loans that exceed current loan limits.
Gov’t back financing to allow cash-out of 80% equity and reside at the property.
Create financing to meet the unique needs of the client and project.
Home Equity Line of Credit – Allows to take out a supplemental loan based on the equity available. It appears comparable to a credit card. Your payments will vary. Your interest – rate will vary. The benefit is that it preserves interest on your primary (first) loan. This also allows you to accelerate payments to reduce balance.

How We Can Help

Talk to our experts to guide you in exploring the exciting opportunities with ADUs.  From the new ADU & SB9 ordinances to financing, (our specialty), to design and through construction we share our experience and insight.

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Will Johnson

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